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  1. Kia Stinger's transmission with centrifugal pendulum absorber
  2. Transmission Torque Limit
  3. Limited Slip Dif in the 2.0L?
  4. Maximum towing capacity for Kia Stinger?
  5. AWD vs. RWD on a GT?
  6. Shifting into Manual Mode
  7. Differences between AWD Eco, Comfort, and Sport modes
  8. LSD in an AWD???
  9. Kia Stinger Limited Slip Differential
  10. Time for a little upgrade :)
  11. Sport mode whine?
  12. Which Oil Temperature in the LCD?
  13. Sport Mode Not Shifting in D'
  14. Missing double-clutching while down-shifting
  15. Transmission louder in manual mode?
  16. Transmission Upper Power Limit
  17. "Part Time" AWD
  18. Slight jerk?
  19. Transmission tail shaft leaks.
  20. Stop Start Issue when Auto Hold is engaged
  21. Does the Stinger's AWD system require any extra maintenance?
  22. Same size tires front and rear on GT