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Audi Sport e-tron GT, Kia we need something like this


Active Member
United States
This is going to give Tesla a run for it's money

Audi revealed its forthcoming electric sports car, the e-Tron GT, in concept form. Similar in appearance to Audi?s A7 coupe-like sedan, the 590-horsepower e-Tron GT will be able to travel up to 248 miles on a fully charged battery and is expected to arrive in dealer showrooms for the 2021 model year. The sporty four-door will follow the all-electric e-Tron crossover the German automaker revealed earlier this year. Tasked as a Tesla competitor, the e-Tron GT shares its platform with Porsche?s new EV, the Taycan, and helps the German automaker reach its goal of offering a dozen fully electric models worldwide by 2025.