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[Solved] 2018 Stinger - Vehicle Diagnostics Unsuccessful. Please try again.

United States
What I Drive
2018 Stinger GT2 AWD

I'm seeing this message when I try to run Vehicle Diagnostics on my 2018 Stinger.. I have the eServices app on my phone, it's running, but still I get this message.

I saw only one other thread on this here that was more about UVO being worthless (which I cannot argue) but I'd still like to know what's going on with my car or if this is an indication of another issue.

Thanks in advance.

Update Aug 30 2022

Solved! Talk about convoluted. Apparently during one of the prior Map updates (which include updates to the entertainment system). The 5Gen Wide Screen update was installed into my car instead of the standard 5Gen update. I wondered by I was seeing Nixie Tubes for the radio display after an update a year or so ago.

How did I fix it? Well, I'll share here in hopes that it helps someone else. However I will post a disclaimer.. if you screw this up you will probably have a dead head unit and will have to go to the dealer.. I did it because I was fed up..

- I got the most recent software update and validated by the model number of the head unit for my Stinger.
- I installed the update (which was when I noticed the Nixie Tube radio UI was gone).
- I removed my car from my myuvo.com profile and didn't try to add it again for 24 hours [Learned this from KIA - that step is important]
- I found the Dealer instructions for how to go into engineering mode on the radio and completely re-initialized the radio - factory reset is USELESS for this. I found it in the section Dealer Mode (Diagnostics, Location, Media, Radio, Smart Pure Air Version Info/Update). One of the touch screen options was to reinitialize the radio. That put the entire head unit back to factory defaults.
- I erased Kia eServices from my phone, and after 24 hours I went back to the car.. logged into the eServices application and followed the prompts to connect the Stinger head unit and eServices together from the *phone* and not from the web site.
Diagnostics etc works again.. and Carplay is behaving in a more stable fashion as well.

I included the specific steps I did to get into the Dealer Mode below. Once you are in that menu getting to the reinitialize selection is straightforward.


Dealer Mode (Diagnostics, Location, Media, Radio, Smart Pure Air Version Info/Update)
  1. Press the Setup button or choose All menus -> Settings
  2. Choose System Info
  3. In a quick sequence set the volume using left knob to level 0, then to level 7 and press the right knob, then set the volume to level 3 and press the right knob, then set the volume to level 1 and press the right knob
  4. Password is 2400
  5. Choose Send
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