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Intake Thread

San Diego
United States
What I Drive
2020 Pearl Stinger GT AWD
Has anyone tried Vividracings AirIntake system for 3.3T Stinger? ~18HP increase claimed @ 5770rpm...
The snails will spool faster because there is less restriction... as for adding more horsepower... well air temps obviously but leaving that out of the equation... the turbo governed by the ECU is set to a Max PSI... it'll just get to that point faster and if you're tuned... e.g., the tune is like +6 psi over stock... maybe you're not quit getting there because of the inlet restriction... like breathing in through a straw rather than your mouth wide open... you can fill you lungs up much faster and to their fullest with your mouth rather than a straw ;) but it don't ADD horsepower... it might unleash horsepower that's already there or improve bottom end torque because it's spooling faster... adding an intake or exhaust shifts the power curves slightly ... either bottom end or top end or where evahhh :) you really need a tune to bring it all together optimally.

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