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2020 Stinger Rear Hatch Rattle -- Present or not??

United States
What I Drive
KIA Stinger GT2 2018
Hi all,

I have a 2018 GT2 and the famous hatch rattle since around 15k miles (I'm now at 40k miles). I just took it in to the dealer for the 4th time 2 days ago for the same issue (and even the 4th time for the moon roof rattle).

The dealer has done everything KIA stated to do in their pitstop/bulletin plus some more improvisation and nothing has resolved the issue.

I'm now trying to find out if this issue has been resolved in the 2020 model. I might want to sell mine and get the 2020 model if the issue(s) are resolved.

Can anyone comment? My dealer asked his rep if the 2020 model has any improvements for the hatch and all he received was a generic response like KIA always looks to make improvements but literally no elaboration on what area or what type of anything....

Research on this forum indicated to me that the 2019 still had these issues.


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