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Need help: Rear brake hubs rusted and new brakes only 6 months old


New Member
United States
Hey guys I need your help,

I have a 18 stinger v4 and made it 50K miles and bought all new brakes in april this year. Fast forward to this month and both rear hubs are not just rusted but completely brown rusted like the car has been sitting in the ocean style rust. Now I know those hubs rust but my old/ original set after 4 years wasn't this bad and it was black not rusted orange through. The brakes work fine it just looks bad. I paid almost a grand for the labor plus parts at kia dealer. I brought it back there and they said they can resurface them but will not replace them. It's just bugging me that I spent $1k and they look like shit. Wouldn't it be a part issue and the company should warranty it? Like should have both rear units replaced and it's the parts company that should cover it.

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