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FS GT AWD (Leased)

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New Member
United States
What I Drive
2019 Stinger GT
Hey I'm posting my Stinger GT AWD for anyone that wants to buy out my lease. I need space in my garage for my American Big 3 collection and this isn't American so it has to go. I'm in lower Westchester, NY specifically New Rochelle and I got this car from Yonkers Kia (1850 Central Ave Yonkers, NY 10170)
Description: Stinger GT AWD. Comes with the V6 twin turbo, 8 speed auto, heat seats and steering wheel. Does NOT include cooled seats and steering wheel and sunroof. I've installed no mods to the car and put on new Firestone tires in April.
Current miles: 14,5xx
VIN: KNAE35LC0K6049020
Price: Residual value= $22,575.36+what I owe (currently $10,539.29)
These are older pictures and the wheels have some rash (thanks NY roads). There are some scuff marks on the outside along with chips in the paint from pebbles in the road. On the inside there's only one noticeable scratch near the cup holders. Overall it drives nicely and is zippy but if you're here you probably know that already.
If you're interested call or text me at (914)318-3076 and I'll figure out the rest of the details. Thank you for your patience and I hope to be hearing from you.


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