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Made 9k on my leased base awd stinger


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Old Bridge
United States
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Hello folks

I had leased a base awd stinger back in 2019 for 330 a month with 3k down. Good Old days! Lease was coming to an end now. Carmax was offering really good money but Kia is not allowing to sell to anyone but Kia dealers. And.... Well... Kia dealers (most if not all)...nowadays! Let's just say I couldn't find a new stinger in the color I liked or the Money I wanted to pay. Long story short I bought out the lease and sold to carmax. Made 9k! Buyout was 18k and change with taxes 20k. Got 29k+ from Carmax. Companies like carvana, Vroom, Rodo were paying 16k for it. Lol. At the end Stinger cost me $6 a day and I drove 36k hard miles.

Thought ya'all should know.

Finding a new car is a nightmare in this market but got a G70. Couldn't find a good deal in this market but atleast I had free money to make down payment.

I'll miss the stinger though!

Keep the RPMs high!