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electrical issue


New Member
What I Drive
Stinger GT line
hi bros and sis !

newbies here driving a stinger 2.0 GTLINE about 60005 mile on it pardon for my bad English and grammar i have some electrical issue on my ride which iam unable to solve now my car is at the agent still figuring out what is going on ??????
i bought the car form another guy with shark racing smart door lock module install which i have no ideal about it till i take over the ride and i order in the mykey premium which have a auto lock and auto start function and install it the first few days everything seems to be fine till one week later things start to get worse whenever i stop my car and off the ignition the car would not lock or unlock the car and the headlight just stay and the cabin light mostly fail i went to a nearby service center and del the fault code after 3 days later the same fault came back again ! i have ask them to remove everything my key premium and the shark racing module and reset it and after one week the problem came back again boot cant open, cant lock light stay on etc
i bring back to agent again and they try to delete the fault code but fail with many attempt they say that the ibu has damage (integrated body control unit) they have replace a new one from Korea and reprogramming i collected my car yesterday and test again for about 20mile on the highway and stop to fuel up things happened again when i off the ignitions the car would not lock or unlock the car and the headlight just stay boot fail i have since send my car back to the agent anyone there have a same problem before i suspect the shark racing and the mykey premium is the culprit both with autolock and unlock functions and they have crush it iam really stress out and kind bros out there can help



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