In my experience the majority of consumer complaints stem from lack of education. Caveat Emptor (buyer Beware)! As consumers, it is our responsibility to read, research, and understand what we are signing. If we are unsure about what we are being asked to sign then we should complete additional research and/or consult legal counsel. And if a dealer tried to hold me in a room for 5 hours to purchase a car I would have left 4.5 hours into their 5 hour goal. When I bought my Stinger I requested price quotes from 3 dealers, selected my dealer, and wired funds prior to picking up the car. I was at the dealer for less than 30 minutes. Now it may be that I have purchased over 20 vehicles from this dealership group. But the complaints about KMF are similar to the majority of complaints other finance groups have received. The common denominator with all of the complaints received by the many finance groups is the consumer. Just my 2 cents. Sorry you have had a hard time. Best of luck!