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1nastystingerLP93 Garage

General Information

Still need lower front grill surround in Carbon Fiber, to put on my ARK coilovers when i finally decide on a set of wheels and also my rear diffuser reflector LED sequential turn signals.
Also a bunch of Carbon Fiber interior pieces as they become available.
Eventually want to put the Tlibekua widebody kit as well. can be seen on fender flares.com

Performance Modifications

Jonny Tig - CAI & Intercooler upgrade
SSR performance - downpipes
Quicktime performance - EVC exhaust Valves
Ultra Racing USA - Front, Mid and rear chassis bars
ATQ - Aluminium steering collars
Whiteline - Adjustable front & rear sway bar end links
Eibach - Sway bars front & rear
Cquence - Slotted, Dimpled, Dimpled front & rear brake rotor's
Stoptech - front brake pads
Stoptech - Stainless Steel front & rear brake lines
Burger tuning - Black billet aluminium engine bay chassis braces

Interior Modifications

TUXMAT - interior car mats
KHARtunerz - Aluminium shift paddles, RED

Exterior Modifications

Strictly Business Motorsports - Carbon Fiber - hood, front lip splitter, rear diffuser and Hatch
Seibon - Carbon Fiber - decklid/spoiler combo
TUON - Carbon Fiber - upper grill surround, front fender vent inlet, front fender vent outlet, Mirror caps
Illustrious Carbon Fiber - Carbon Fiber - custom carbon fiber exhaust tips
Ebay Gloss Black - 3rd Brake light hatch spoiler
TINT - 5% eyebrow & 50% windshield, 20% everywhere else ceramic IR tint


Thank you sir. I'm in love with your wheel set up/stance. It's Hella flush and wide at the back so it adds to the cars aggressive appeal. Which I love. I'm definitely going to use your wheel size/ offset as a guideline when I'm selecting my wheel style.
I'm actually getting my cutouts reconnected as I was waiting on a replacement solenoid valve, so it's been closed off for a month. But once I get them on and get a chance to, I will for sure.

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Snow White Pearl RWD
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