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Houdini's Kia Stinger GT2

General Information

Kia Stinger GT2

Aurora Black & Red Nappa Leather

Performance Modifications

None so far

Interior Modifications

None so far, but my plans include:
  • Steering Wheel Badge Overlay (Kia replaced by 'Stinger' Overlay)
  • Red 'GT' Overlay, on Drive Mode Selector
  • Korean Style Center Console (Hidden Cup Holders)
  • Carbon Fiber Trim (Eventually $$$)
  • New 'Stinger' Door Sills
  • Supplementary Ambient Lighting

Exterior Modifications

None so far, but my plans include:
  • 20% Window & Rear Windshield Tint
  • Gloss Black Trim (Grilles, Window Trim, Vents, etc)
  • Gloss Black Wheels
  • Kia Logo Wheel Centercap Delete (Replaced by Red 'GT' Overlay)
  • Front Kia Badge Delete (Replaced by Korean 'E' Badge)
  • Rear Badges Delete (Kia replaced by Large Stinger badge, GT replaced with GT2 badge)
  • Front Splitter, Side Skirts, and Rear Diffuser
  • Decklid Spoiler


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Aurora Black
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