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Recent content by KevinHarps

  1. KevinHarps

    rough idle, jerky, vibration, low humming noise at steady speeds

    I would bring it to the dealership. I ignored these signs on my GT2 and the car completely broke down and had to be dragged onto a flat bed. I need a new front differential and a new drive shaft. You may want the dealer to check yours.
  2. KevinHarps

    Bumper damaged by negligent dealership, next steps?

    Three weeks ago I brought my GT2 to my local dealership (Northtown Kia) to have the drivers side mirror motor replaced, as well as my passenger side headlight assembly replaced. After the repair was complete I noticed that the bumper was not attached correctly. There was about 1/4in - 1/2in of...
  3. KevinHarps

    Door Handle Manual Key Lock Cover just fell off?

    Just had this happen while I was drying my car, bought it less than a week ago... Do you happen to know what the part number was for this piece or how much it was? Thank you!