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Bumper damaged by negligent dealership, next steps?


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United States
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2018 Kia Stinger GT2
Three weeks ago I brought my GT2 to my local dealership (Northtown Kia) to have the drivers side mirror motor replaced, as well as my passenger side headlight assembly replaced. After the repair was complete I noticed that the bumper was not attached correctly. There was about 1/4in - 1/2in of space between the bumper and the right and left fenders(forgot to take pictures in the moment).

I also noticed that my license plate was warped around the screw holes, like the mechanic had used a power drill to put the license plate back on after the repair. Additionally, I noticed that my bumper had been gouged and the paint had been taken off of it behind the license plate holder. I brought the car back to the dealer and they put the bumper on properly; however they claim that the bumper was not removed for the repair that they did. I cannot find anything online that verifies their stance.

I found this guide(attached) that the Kia mechanics use at the dealership to make the repairs on Stingers and if you go to "Body Electrical" > "Lighting" > "Headlamps" you will see that Step 2 is "Remove the front bumper assembly". A quick search on YouTube confirms this as well. Additionally, I had the driver's side headlight assembly replaced over the summer at the same dealership and the service manager at the time told me that the entire front end had to come off.

I understand why they would want to not take off the entire bumper since I have my license plate mounted on the tow hook and they would have to take that off first before removing the bumper. I am assuming that they went to take off the bumper without realizing how the license plate was on and damaged the bumper that way. Or when they were reinstalling the license plate they used a power drill or excessive force to re-screw the plate onto the holder.

I am extremely disappointed that heard back from the dealership yet. I love the car and the damage is very minor but I want it fixed. I am afraid that if the bumper is repainted, it will not match the hood or front fenders. I have already had other paint issues with the car that I was planning to have repainted this spring.

After 3 weeks of not hearing anything from the dealership, what should my next steps be? I found contact information for the dealership group's executives on LinkedIn but that seems extreme for the damage that was done to the vehicle.

I have pictures of the car 2 days before I brought it to the dealership and about 500 more since the time I bought the car in May. I know that the damage was not there before I brought it to them. I know every mark on the car. Am I wrong about the bumper being required to be removed entirely for the headlight assembly to be replaced?

TLDR: Dealership damaged my Stinger & won't reply to emails. In person they denied the damage was made by them. What should I do next? Do I contact Kia North America? What is the right action proportionate to the damage? (pictured below)

Thank you in advance.