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Recent content by 15Peppers

  1. 15Peppers

    Kia Stinger Aftermarket Wheel Options

    Hi guys, I know I saw this on a thread but I can't find it. I'm wanting to get a square set up for my GT (currently I have the staggered 19x8 front and 19x8.5 rear). Can anyone confirm for me. Will a 19x8.5 with a +35 offset all the way around fit on my GT? Second question is, would I be...
  2. 15Peppers

    Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

    Swapped the mirror covers with some carbon fiber ones. Super easy to do and I love the look. Thanking about the hood vents, even though they wouldn't be functional, I think carbon fiber would look better than the shiny black stock ones. Has anyone swapped hood vents?
  3. 15Peppers

    Kia Stinger Age Demographics

    42, pearl white GT 😀
  4. 15Peppers

    Added a little love for South Korea

    Very cool!
  5. 15Peppers

    Check Engine Light, Gear Skip and idle issue

    Oh man, thank the car gods for warranty. Still a pain you had to deal with the issue twice. I hope it's the right fix and it doesn't happen again. I've been reading a lot on the coil issue and it seems to be one of the most common issues with the Stinger. 🤷‍♂️
  6. 15Peppers

    Check Engine Light, Gear Skip and idle issue

    Alright, I just got the call back from the dealership. The issue is the ignition coils. They will be replacing all 6 ignition coils. Looking up bad ignition coils comes up with the symptoms I was experiencing (Acceleration wasn't normal, misfire causing loss of power and jerking sensation, and...
  7. 15Peppers

    Check Engine Light, Gear Skip and idle issue

    Yeah, no chip hooked up. So I'm hoping the dealership will be able to give me a reason. I'll make sure to update...
  8. 15Peppers

    Check Engine Light, Gear Skip and idle issue

    Hi Guys, Today while I was driving home. As I accelerated to pass a car, my stinger felt like it was skipping gears. It would accelerate and then lose acceleration for a second and pick it up again (as if I was letting off the gas over and over). Then the check engine light went on and as I was...
  9. 15Peppers

    New from the Carolinas

    It's such a fun car to drive. Welcome and congrats!. Let's see some pictures of your Stinger. 😃
  10. 15Peppers

    SoCal Stinger Group

    It was fun, cool people and cool cars.
  11. 15Peppers

    SoCal Stinger Group

    I'm planning on being there with a couple of friends ( a type R and a 370z Nismo).
  12. 15Peppers

    SoCal Stinger Group

    I think I'm available the 21st. That would be cool.
  13. 15Peppers

    SoCal Stinger Group

    That would be cool 👍
  14. 15Peppers

    Hi Everyone!

    Here she is! Went out to pick up some delicious Imperial Stouts and enjoy a ride.