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Plug upgrade with RaceChip GTS

United States
What I Drive
2023 Kia Stinger GT Elite
I just bought a new Stinger GT Elite and was stoked to see that upgrades like the RaceChip are available for a quick increase in performance. I was looking at the GTS upgrade but I note that they recommend a spark plug upgrade (to the tune of $100-$150) and after some research on YouTube, etc. it looks like this is also a job for a mechanic for another $100-$200 so basically equaling the cost of the upgrade.

I'm pretty old school where things like plug changes were simple do-it-at-home projects so I have a couple of questions for those in the know:
1. Can the plugs be accessed without taking half the engine apart?
2. On a brand new vehicle is a plug change even necessary?

I have read that even if the stock plugs are used people recommend re-gapping them which takes me right back to how do you get them out without a visit to a mechanic or a lot of engine disassembly which I don't want to tackle.

Looking for some advice from those who have gone through this.

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