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KIA stinger or Genesis g70


New Member
I apologise if this has been covered.. But I have a tough decision in the next week.. Deposit on a stinger gt (1 month delivery) or put a deposit down on a G70.. APRIL DELIVERY.??!?

The good money says to take the G70.. Bit I'm concerned with back seat room and the trunk space as the KIA has the hatch.. And rave reviews of room..

Anyone else having this delema?? I love the G70 looks.. But I live In a city that won't be able to take advantage of the great concierge service of Genesis.. So that's not really a selling point.. And there is no pricing yet.. And no reviews.. It's crazy after Sept 2017 there is a media blackout of the G70?? It's on the road in Korea.. Why would some car mag just go over there and have a long term review?? And yes I have read the fort look and initial reviews of the one day in Sept..

I'm tempted to just take the KIA.. Bit I can afford the more luxurious G70.. Decision decisions..

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