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GT2 shift-by-wire problem?


Staff Member
United States
@Shabib The issue you and the other member are mentioning, is not an issue per say, but rather an improper way of operating the shifter. Please refer to my post above (#12).

The shift by wire system behaves differently from your regular/mechanical shifter, we are all so used to. This shifter returns automatically to center position no mater which gear you have selected. Being a spring loaded shifter by moving it all the way backwards or forwards to select a gear and then letting it go (as shown in your video) will effectively move out of the gear you selected and put it on neutral, due to the spring load and force/momentum the shifter acquires by the sudden release of it. Hope this helps.


New Member
@robz32 thanks for the follow up and feedback. I understand what you are saying and had considered this before. I know it is not shown in the videos I uploaded because these were last minute for the service department and it is sporadic. I have had times where I have held it longer in the "D" position and it still move back to "N" and I have also had it happen when I nurse it to "D" and back to the resting place. During these times it goes into "N". I am not slamming it around or letting it bounce. It also is not constant. Other boards discussing the problem have mentioned the solenoid in the "D" position going bad and not registering it going into gear.

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