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E30 Fuel... Long term safe?

So, obviously modern vehicles are now designed to be more "tolerant" of the E10 blended gasoline. But how tolerant can they actually be?

The question is, for those of us with tunes that can take advantage of E30 fuel, would there be any long term issues with the fuel lines and o-rings or is our fuel system robust enough to handle E30 without any long term issues?

Obviously most cars can't run anything other than E10 because of the tunes that higher ethanol fuels require but I always assumed the fuel system couldn't cope either without problems down the road. I've read that for many of not most "flex fuel" vehicles out there, the fuel systems are the same, it's just they're able to detect E85 and switch tunes.

All this info is anecdotal which I take with a grain of salt. I'd like to see some hard evidence that our fuel systems can handle E30 mixes.

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