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2018 GT-2 Sunroof ratcheting chattering sound, Roof doesn't move.

United States
What I Drive
Daihatsu jumbo
I noticed this as I was coming out of my driveway It was a steady noise which I took to be coming from the rear. I stopped and checked all the back, no obvious cause.
I activated the hatch, but it didn't make it stop. Back in car I started driving and the sound stopped. Five minutes later, I tried shutting the car down and tried the roof.
The noise returned, but the roof was not moving. This time I tried several commands, close, open, close then crack, the noise continued, finally I got it to stop by closing the inside cover.
I had the feeling that it was like a ratchet wrench jumping off a bolt.
I stopped any more tests since I might do more damage.
But I think it had to do with the motor jumping out of a socket in the roof. Any information will be appreciated. - Nemo.