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There's only a few things in life we enjoy our car is one of them!

General Information

Carbon Fiber Mods still to come: Carbon Mirror Caps

Performance Modifications

JonnyTig Intakes
JonnyTig FMIC
Velossa Tech B.M. Intakes
Dyno-Comp ECU Tune
RPM Mid Pipes
Magnaflow Catback Exhaust
HKS M45iL Spark Plugs
Tial BOV
Mishimoto Catch Can "PCV"
Tork Motorsports Catch Can "OCC"
Enthuspec Performance Stainless Brake Lines
Eibach PRO Lowering Springs
Eibach Sway Bars
Whiteline Endlinks
ATQ Subframe Chassis Collar Kit
Ultra Racing Chassis Bracing
Seoulest Carbon Fiber Strut Bar
Fella 2 piece Rotors F&R
Centric POSI Quiet Pads "F&R"

Interior Modifications

3D MAXPider Front & Rear Floor Mats
3D MAXPider trunk liner
Samsung Tablet connected to OBDlink M+ OBD2 reader
G4werkz carbon fiber T shifter
T & P Carbon Steering Wheel
"E" Steer Wheel Airbag
2 SKAR 500w RMS Shallow Mount 10in Subs
2 SKAR 1000w RMS 10in Subs
2 SKAR 4500w Competition AMPS
Custom made box's & AMP Mounts

Exterior Modifications

"E" Rebadging, Front & Rear
Carbon "GT" on rear of car
PearlNano Ceramic Coating "5 year"
Variant Xenon Satin Gunmetal 19x8.5 35 19x11 50
255/35 295/30 Michelin PS4S
S-FX Carbon Fiber Hood
CK71Stinger DRL's
Roof wrapped "ColorBombwraps"
Rear side reflectors carbon wrapped "ColorBombwraps"

Latest Reviews

Pros: Clean looking engine bay with obvious functional upgrades 👍🏾👍🏾
Cons: None that I could think of 🤣
Just plain loving it 👍🏾👍🏾
Thank you sir


Noticed the plates wanted to first say Thank you for your service! From one soldier to another. Love the set up I can't wait to get started on mine.
I have to figure out all this pricing but I will get back with you. This is probably going to freak me out on how much I've spent in the last year....
My exhaust is quiet, it has a deeper sound to it then stock. I didn't want a loud exhaust that's why I went with Magnaflow...
Top shelf set up for sure!

Thank you for breaking down your list by Category, i often forget about things ive done to the interior or exterior cosmetically.

I have a Nice Christmas Wish list to add to my current set up.

Thank you again for sharing!

I see with your Tig set up you have the Merge Collector.

Do you have a direct contact with Jonny Tig?I reached out to them to inquire about the Merge Pipe, they said they do sell it separately, as I already have an upgraded Intercooler/piping setup plus CAI.
They indicated they are about 8 weeks behind and would get back to me. I have emailed 2 more times with no response. All I want to do is place an order, I have no problem waiting.

At this point i feel like i have been ghosted. Any assistance in getting my hands on a Tig Merge Pipe or anything aside from the aweful stock composite set up is greatly appreciated.
I already Have GFBs MACH 2 so I am just looking for a less restrictive tube constructed out of something better than plastic.

Thank you!

I will see what I can do for you Troy..

When you email jonnytig sometimes it takes a few days for him to get back to you. I know I went a week an a half before I got an email from him on my order.
Last edited:

I heard back from Tash. He is sending over an invoice. He fell on the sword and said they have been hectic and he missed my emails.
Thank you for the willingness to assist, greatly appreciated!
Tash answered my email that I sent this morning, I glad he got back to you. Take photos when you get it installed an post them.. 👍
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