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Recent content by usagi

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    WTB USDM center console

    still interested if anyone has one.
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    WTB USDM center console

    If you have done the KDM center console swap then please sell me your USDM center console :cool:
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    Leather protector

    "nappa" is the new Corinthian leather.
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    Colt Will Stop Making AR-15s For Civilian Sale

    None of the off the shelf colts interest me. I bought one S&W AR and every one afterwards was a custom build.
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    Kia undecided on next-generation Stinger

    Kia needs to retain a halo car and the cadenza / K900 ain't it.
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    What features/options would you like to see in the next Stinger?

    Optional front and rear mechanical LSD for AWD. My STI had them. USB and accessory power in the center console. My 2007 mazda3 had them. Rear window wiper. Oil filter on top of the engine bay like other modern vehicles. Wagon option. Sportback is just OK, but wagon kicks its ass for cargo...
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    Dual Clutch Transmission

    The stinger's auto trans is pretty good imo. Very fast shifts and no driveline shock like some other performance vehicles do.
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    What car are you considering after the Stinger?

    maybe a Grand Cherokee SRT, if they bring it up to 2020 spec with more features like 360 camera.
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    Kia Is Paying Dealers Up To $3,000 To Sell More Stingers

    rebate cash can't be stacked with lease incentives. other incentives like competetive bonus can.
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    Kia Stinger Limited Slip Differential

    LSD would eliminate destroying your brakes with open diffs and electronic torque vectoring. Because the wheels wont slip anymore. No reason why it wouldn't work.
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    Kia Is Paying Dealers Up To $3,000 To Sell More Stingers

    The kia lease deals are way better. Almost $10,000 incentive for a GT2.
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    Lease Buyout - How to get the best deal on a Kia Stinger!

    they dont seem to list the lease cash. according to autobytel it's $9900 now for a stinger gt2 awd.
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    Lease Buyout - How to get the best deal on a Kia Stinger!

    looks like the lease cash incentives are gone.
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    Kia teases refreshed 2020 Cadenza

    audi a7 copy
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    Official Snow White Pearl Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    my very plain picture.