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Recent content by turners1222

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    WTB JB4 w/ Bluetooth connect

    How about LAP3 with Methanol Kit and a SXTH element Catch Can all for just $1350 and shipping? all of these new would go for $1900 easy. just saying its a cheaper route in the long run and i'm running in the high 11s 1/4 mile.
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    12volt.Solutions Remote Start - Free

    I need someone from the Tulsa Oklahoma area or someone who is willing to take their Kia Stinger to 12volt.solutions and leave their car there for up to 2 weeks to get a free remote start. Yes absolutely free, no strings. They will likely have a loaner car but I need someone serious. No games...
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    New DIY Remote Start Coming Soon

    I ended up having to toss out this idea. It didn’t work out BUT Best Buy does install remote start and drone mobile together for less than $500.
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    New brakes!

    What are the euro spec pad part numbers? Where did you buy them?
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    Best Service Department in Mid Atlantic

    Long read, but worth it. I promise: DARCARS Kia in Temple Hills, Maryland just hired a new Master Tech from Hyundai with several years of experience so you can know you’re in good hands. I’ve had a chance to visit their service bay and see how they conduct business. Clean, tidy, and...
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    New DIY Remote Start Coming Soon

    I’m sorry to report but this didn’t work out. A wiring harness is needed to make it work and has not yet been released. Sorry folks.
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    VOTE! Which Carbon Fiber Group Buy?

    Which Group Buy would you prefer to see next? A) Carbon Fiber Upper and Lower Front Fascia or B) Carbon Fiber G4 Werkz Front Lip Something Else i didn't list? leave a comment.
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    Come to Kia Stinger Alliance Today!

    Hey everyone, my name is Daniel and I wanted to make sure that if you did not know already, now you know that there is a Kia Stinger Alliance Facebook group. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. It is a no bullying, no rudeness group where everyone feels super comfortable. This group has...
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    New DIY Remote Start Coming Soon

    Price for mine will be coming out soon but yeah this will be a lot easier and cheaper than other aftermarket options. Doing install with video soon!
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    FS *** SOLD *** LAP3 Pro Tuner V1 $465 + shipping

    You’re selling for a great price. I hope you sell it for what you want to get out of it, truly.
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    FS *** SOLD *** LAP3 Pro Tuner V1 $465 + shipping

    You’re saying you’ll take $465 or you’re going to throw it away? So instead losing some you’re going to lose all of it...that’s an awful idea lol.
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    New DIY Remote Start Coming Soon

    Please read me! TL/DR? Go all the way to the bottom Interested in a remote start with smartphone capability you could install yourself and save a bunch of money? Read on...you’ll be glad you did. Hey friends, I’m working with N2 Designs (in my opinion the best remote start company to work...
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    Nonstop rear rattle please help

    There’s a TSB for this I think. Try the TSB thread on here or stingerforum.org. It covers this issue and I’m betting your dealer will follow the TSB if you push them hard enough.
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    Help - BOV GFB TMS Hybrid

    I need some help with a pair of GFB TMS Hybrid BOVs. I have the 3.3TT So they are the type that can’t be adjusted by spinning the centers of the valves. You basically either get full atmosphere, full recirc or 50/50 atmosphere/recirc. Right now I have it set up on full atmosphere and the spring...