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Best Service Department in Mid Atlantic

United States
What I Drive
2019 Stinger GT1 AWD
Long read, but worth it. I promise:

DARCARS Kia in Temple Hills, Maryland just hired a new Master Tech from Hyundai with several years of experience so you can know you’re in good hands. I’ve had a chance to visit their service bay and see how they conduct business. Clean, tidy, and professional. If you have a JB4 or LAP3 tuner and ONLY bolt-on/plug n play mods, these guys are the place to go! They understand and support these kinds of piggyback and bolt on mods are acceptable but to be cautious, remove and return your vehicle back to stock as much as possible as it helps them and you make sure you’ll be absolutely covered and have no out of pocket expenses. The service and assistant service managers love to take care of their customers better than I have ever seen of any dealership PERIOD.

Here are two real world examples of my own experience:

My Stinger driver mirror lost its mind and shorted out. They replaced it no questions. No finger pointing or blaming me.

Secondly, My basic 3 year warranty is out on my wife’s Sorento and my radio sound stopped working. It’s passed the 3 year/30k bumper to bumper but they decided it was considered an electrical issue where they easily could have considered it a audio issue. Instead of saying, “sorry you’re out of luck,” they spent the time and energy to make sure I was covered. Who does that for their customers anymore? Anyways sorry for the long rant but y’all need to come check out DARCARS Kia in Temple Hills. Call them up and ask for Khari or Jeremy. You won’t be disappointed!