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Recent content by taxman

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    How much is your dealer charging for an oil change?

    Lifetime oil changes are free for the life of the car (original owner)
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    Tires on 2018 Stinger GT1 AWD

    All 4 tires wore out in 16.6K miles. I called Kia Customer support and they paid me $1120.00 to reimburse me for replacing the tires so soon. I hope this second set lasts at least 30K?
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    Borla catback exhaust system

    Just added a Borla type S exhaust system to my 2018 Kia Stinger GT1. It sounds awesome like a performance car should. Plus added about 20 horsepower - cost was reasonable and simple to install. My muffler guy only charged $100 and completed the install in 25 minutes.