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Recent content by stinger1168

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    295's Insalled - ACE Alloy AFF02

    Very nice! I like how they match the chrome trim on the car.
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    3d gauge cluster from korea

    I love it! Pretty high tech stuff. It would have been nice if he drove the car so we could see the 3d cluster in action. I like that eco/custom display too.
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    Little help please??

    Wow! Lot's of good info here! I too never bought/leased a new car so I will keep this in mind in the future. Thanks:)
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    2019 Genesis G70 Sport shares tech from the Kia Stinger

    That's the lighter weight and double wishbone front suspension at work. I wonder how the G70 compares to the new BMW 3 Series???
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    "Part Time" AWD

    WOW! Very cool! Isn't the next gen awd system of the Stinger rumored to have an awd system where the center diff can be electronically disconnected and it can go in RWD only mode???
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    Baq hands down best exhaust design for stinger gt

    I think I would have to agree. I think this is the best exhaust system I've heard yet.
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    The 2019 Kia Stinger GT Atlantica Is the Most Exclusive Kia You Can Buy

    It's so exclusive, no one can buy it:)
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    KIA to unveil gorgeous, custom-made Stinger GT and K900 at SEMA

    That Stinger looks great (I'm loving the brushed stainless steel finish) but they couldn't install the nicer infotainment display? That one with the thick black frame looks out of place with the custom interior.
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    Sunset Yellow Kia Stinger Repaint Process

    I didn't know they were still offering red on red in the US. Nice color combo.
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    Fully loaded 2019 Kia Stinger vs 2019 Genesis G70, can't believe they are so close in pricing

    Now add AWD to the Stinger and let's see that price comparison... The G70 you priced has AWD, it appears the Stinger you picked doesn't.
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    New Dynamic-AWD coming soon to a Stinger near you!

    The article says they added a rear limited slip differential to the AWD system and I think there will be some mechanical changes in the center differential to handle the larger torque differences front and rear for longer periods of time. I'm certain there will be software changes but it won't...
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    Kia Stinger in World's Greatest Drag Race

    Crappy launch on the ZR1 too... Is that one a manual???
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    New Dynamic-AWD coming soon to a Stinger near you!

    Well, RWD has all of the power to the rear all of the time.... Maybe you're talking about the ability to turning off traction/stability control off completely on the RWD platform???
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    Genesis G70 will start at $35,895

    Thanks:) You're great as well. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that you're a good guy and a massive wealth of information. We're happy you're here:) Thanks for the info.
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    New Dynamic-AWD coming soon to a Stinger near you!

    This is freakin' awesome news! I seriously hope this makes it to the USA! PLEASE! Thanks for sharing this Mulinator:) They are saying it COULD make it here on this generation of Stinger. Rough guess here... Refreshes can be anywhere from 3 to 5 years for most cars with all new models coming...