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Recent content by sil25rs

  1. sil25rs


    Hey there, If you don't plan to upgrade your wheels anytime soon, widening out the track with stock rims is the next best thing. When I bought my CPO stinger, it already came with spacers (20mm i think) and lowering springs on the front and rear. I haven't gotten around to checking the brand...
  2. sil25rs

    Limp mode from just an intake and exhaust??

    I have a 2019. That's great if it does change the tone for the Ark exhaust. I'd love to have that system but is out of my budget. I think the MBRP system sounds decent and definitely like the price.
  3. sil25rs

    Limp mode from just an intake and exhaust??

    That makes sense. I haven't looked under the chassis of this sexy beast, so I dont know how everything sits. Correct me if im wrong but if you get an exhaust that is not "active" it will basically negate the sport mode to eco mode sound difference, right?
  4. sil25rs

    Newcomer to the Stinger community

    Thanks for the warm welcome. @TurboTx I have the GT2 awd @spider55 Will do. Waiting for some bling parts to come in before snapping some pics.
  5. sil25rs

    Limp mode from just an intake and exhaust??

    I've seen some references on the web about Stinger's going into limp mode while just having an intake and CBE. Is this true? I just installed an intake on mine and was planning to get an exhaust to free up some weight and sound bling but now I am hesitant. Anyone debunk or confirm this...
  6. sil25rs

    Newcomer to the Stinger community

    HI all, Bought my Stinger pre-owned a few months back and wanted to say hi. Stinger drives great and its a blast to drive. Too bad the gas prices suck. Im in the Bay Area in Cali, I've seen a few Stingers around here and try to throw up the peace sign whenever I can.