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Recent content by Rat Fink

  1. Rat Fink

    JB4 installed. Now to remove the governor??

    Spider55, time for me to show my ignorance. How would I determine where my governor is set? I got my car used with 35k on the clock and it had summer tires on it.
  2. Rat Fink

    Running Stinger with E85 Blends - Discussion Thread

    I think BMS sells an Ethanol testing kit for under $25. The graduations on it are etched and not a decal which can fade due to gas fading.
  3. Rat Fink

    Running Stinger with E85 Blends - Discussion Thread

    Depends. North America E85 can be anywhere between 51%-83% ethanol. 85% ethanol would actually not be available at the pump. My understanding.
  4. Rat Fink

    E30 Fuel... Long term safe?

    Isn’t E15 coming end of the year (2023) replacing E10 ethanol blended gas?
  5. Rat Fink

    Running E30 on the Stinger GT

    Opening old thread. My understanding is that in the United States it is legal for service stations to sell E85 anywhere between 51% to 83% ethanol so it is best to spot check the ethanol percentage you are getting from your E85 source. I have heard of readings as low as 45%. Unless the E85 is on...
  6. Rat Fink

    Dual Clutch Transmission

    Ok, being a noob I may be mistaken, but I thought my 2018 Stinger GT2 was manufactured with a 8-speed DCT. Won’t be the 1st time I’ve been wrong.
  7. Rat Fink

    Hybrid Turbos for the Stinger 3.3

    Second what spider55 said. I’d recommend a JB4 upgrade as it is the best bang for the buck. Live with the car for a while before making that kind of steep investment on turbo upgrades. The stock ones are suppose to be good up to 500 RWHP. The stock GT2 makes around 320 RWHP so you have a lot of...
  8. Rat Fink

    2018 Stinger G2

    You should be able to get this info by doing a on-line search. The back of the FOB should have the info you need for the search. Hope this helps.
  9. Rat Fink

    Same size tires front and rear on GT

    I went with 235/45 all around. I have 2K miles and like it just fine so far.
  10. Rat Fink

    FS JB4 and VF Performance Intakes

    I’m interested in the JB4.
  11. Rat Fink

    Catch Can Thread

    The Australia 4-wheelers are big on this CC. One of their universities’s engineering’s departments did a test on various CC,s and this one came out on top. Performed a lot better than most of the brands mentioned here. The Provent was designed and manufactured by a German company that’s been...
  12. Rat Fink

    SLD JB4 with BT and fuel / WG wires $500

    Still for sale?
  13. Rat Fink

    Gasoline Grade

    According to the owners manual for a 2018 Stinger GT it is OK to use 87 octane fuel in your car. It further recommends using Top Tier gasoline which has the detergent mix that Kia likes. I live in the Atlanta, GA area and Costco sells Top Tier gasoline in 87 and 93 octane. My GT2 runs fine on 87...
  14. Rat Fink

    New to Forum

    Thanks for the reply. I know mods can become a rat hole, but I’m getting up in age and need to get with the program and have some car fun. Better than chasing dames at my age. :-)
  15. Rat Fink

    Grand Touring Tires

    Anybody have recommendations for a all seasons touring tire for stock 19” rims? Thanks in advance.