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Recent content by Osmotic

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    WTB Wanted: 18" OEM Stinger wheels

    I am posting it here for Mark , so if he wants to buy my 18" wheels we can work something out. I was going to wait till next spring to get a new set and ride on the 18" till winter then put winter tires on and buy a set of 19" come spring of 2020. If Mark wants them I will just move the...
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    WTB Wanted: 18" OEM Stinger wheels

    I am wanting to get a custom set of rims have a 2019 stinger gt2 awd. just under 4k miles
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    2019 GT2 AWD Owner ( bought 3 weeks ago )

    Hello I just bought a GTS AWD about 3 weeks ago and wanted to say hello. I have spent several hours reading through posts on here and planning all my mods lol. Cleveland Ohio by the way