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Recent content by LuciusNexx

  1. LuciusNexx

    Official Snow White Pearl Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    Got my Stinger GT back in late August '21. Snow Pearl White, Red Leather interior. 15km on the clock when I picked it up. Just under 4000km on the clock at this point. Haven't yet taken it for an extended drive, but I have taken it up through some hills roads and such and its glorious.
  2. LuciusNexx


    My beastie: done just over 3600km in it after having it since late August. No big road trips in it yet, mostly daily drivermiles on it a few60-90 minute trips out of town. Was meant to do a day at The Bend race track with "Tour laps" in it but it got canned due to the general state fo the world.
  3. LuciusNexx

    Prospective Stinger Buyer - Questions

    I orderd my Stinger in June and got it late August. I have a mate who ordered his stinger in Feb and is estimated to get it in October... so mileage may vary depending on your dealership I imagine, or the colours you choose. I went Snow Pearl White and red interior on the GT.
  4. LuciusNexx


    Hey all, been looking at a Stinger GT for a few years, waiting for the right time to pounce annnd, I took delivery a week and half ago. Sucha wonderful car to drive, I manged to get it in about 7 weeks form wordering, Snow Pearl White with Red leather interior. had a whopping 14km on the...