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Recent content by johnnywalker

  1. johnnywalker

    New GT owner

  2. johnnywalker

    Kia Stinger will be getting more power for 2021

    https://www.yahoo.com/autos/kia-stinger-getting-more-power-162800789.html The 2021 Kia Stinger will get more oomph when it arrives later this year, but a new report says the tweaks will come from modifications to its existing powertrain, not a new option atop the range. The report from...
  3. johnnywalker

    First post Maryland

  4. johnnywalker

    G'day from Perth

    Congrats! Great to have you here
  5. johnnywalker

    What was your reaction the first time behind the wheel of a Stinger??

    My first reaction once driving my Stinger was "Oh, this is nice!"
  6. johnnywalker

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Happy Thanksgiving all
  7. johnnywalker

    Stinger Stories

    Great vid
  8. johnnywalker

    Jersey Newbie

  9. johnnywalker

    Kia Stinger Age Demographics

    I gave him 201:LOL:
  10. johnnywalker

    Kia Stinger Age Demographics

    45-54 years is currently leading the pack
  11. johnnywalker

    19 GT1 RWD Panthers Metal in Central Maryland

    I almost didn't recognize his post because of his new avatar. Cool pic
  12. johnnywalker

    Official Thunder Grey & Panthera Metal Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    OMG the rear stance is perfect