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Recent content by jfowler85

  1. jfowler85

    FS LAP3 Protuner V2.5

    I sent you a message about the catch can
  2. jfowler85

    FS BMS intercooler for sale.

    Where are you located?
  3. jfowler85

    Launching at the drag strip?

    Good to know! I’m going to try that e-brake method as well to see if I can figure that out. Would rather do that then splicing into the harness for the brake mod.
  4. jfowler85

    Launching at the drag strip?

    Yea I agree, LC seems useless if it won’t build boost off the line. I’ll probably try the brake switch mod I’ve read about next time to try and get out a little harder.
  5. jfowler85

    Launching at the drag strip?

    First pass - LC in sport mode 13.079 @ 107.21 2.038 60’ 2nd pass - no LC (but accidentally left in comfort mode) 13.181 @ 106.93 2.151 60’ 3rd pass (no LC, in sport mode) 12.978 @ 107.80 2.052 60’ ETs were almost identical between LC and no LC. I’m surprised that 2nd pass where I forgot to...
  6. jfowler85

    Launching at the drag strip?

    I’ll give that a try! I didn’t think that would work being electronic. Thanks!
  7. jfowler85

    Launching at the drag strip?

    Took my stock GT rwd to the track tonight. Best pass was 12.9 @ 107. Couldn’t cut anything better than a 2.0 60’. Any suggestions? Tried both using launch control and without it.
  8. jfowler85

    Kia Stinger Out The Door Price Thread

    2018 GT RWD - panthera metal w/ black interior driver assistance package- $41k sticker 1 owner, mint condition (FL car, older guy traded it in for a bigger Genesis) 26k miles Sales price $23,800 OTD was about $26,500
  9. jfowler85

    New GT owner

    Oh I will! Just left it on to hold the paper tag in place.
  10. jfowler85

    New GT owner

    Here are a few. Haven’t had a chance to take many good ones.
  11. jfowler85

    New GT owner

    Hey guys, just wanted to say hi from sunny Tampa FL. Just picked up a 2018 GT last week. Looking forwarded to learning a few things here and getting some ideas! New to the factory turbo car game, but not aftermarket performance. Been around a lot of LSx powered cars, and built a 2004 Nissan...