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Recent content by hoserama

  1. hoserama

    Kia Stinger Burger Motorsports JB4 Discussion Thread

    No problems at all. I have been running map 2 since installation with 93 octane in the tank. Being RWD, traction issues in gears 1 and 2 are more pronounced and can only be solved by adding wider rubber but that’s to be expected. For mods, all I have done are Denso plugs gapped to .022 and an...
  2. hoserama

    Alignment needed with lowering?

    It’s been a while since I modded a car. I am considering the Eibach springs to lower and sway bars. Is a front and rear camber adjustment needed when lowering?
  3. hoserama

    Jb4 chip

    I installed the JB4 and plugs today on an otherwise stock GT1. I have 93 octane in the tank versus your 91 but WOW, what a difference it makes in sport mode. I am glad I purchased it.
  4. hoserama

    Kia Stinger Burger Motorsports JB4 Discussion Thread

    Just installed my JB4 and plugs. Just have it on the default map1 and in sport mode. OMG!!!! So glad I did this.
  5. hoserama

    Why Kia Should Adopt A New Badge Design

  6. hoserama

    Who has used AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil?

    I’ve been using it in my Chevy Suburban for two oil changes. I haven’t seen anything to scare me away from using it on my Stinger. Watch the pricing on it; sometimes it drops to $17.99
  7. hoserama

    Headliner crackle?

    I turned off the radio this and also very faintly heard it; visor open, it was about 63 degrees this morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. hoserama

    Will Kia ever use laser lights?

    In sure eventually this will make its way to most automobile manufactures as an upgraded feature rather than a standard. BMW, Audio, Mercedes are notorious for being the innovation leaders where years later others follow.
  9. hoserama

    Is it bad to wait until the fuel light is on before getting gas?

    I have a fear of running out of gas. Lol I fill up more often than I really need to, partially because of my compulsive behavior to always wanting a full tank but also because gas station locations are very convenient for me. I agree about the yesteryear tale and can attest to how true it is...
  10. hoserama

    Headliner crackle?

    Interesting.... I haven’t experienced this with my 2019 GT1. I’ll try to listen for it in case I have missed it and will report back if I have the issue, fairly certain I do not.
  11. hoserama

    First use of my Glorious Spare Tire

    Any videos of you doing donuts in the parking lot with it????
  12. hoserama

    Boost gauge

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll certainly have to buy one of these.