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Recent content by BMWFanboi

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    DBL Light in dash- dealer unable to fix

    yeah. Love the car itself but the dealer experience makes me very discouraged. As an update, the headlight assembly was found to have a faulty actuator and is being replaced under warranty. Glad it’s easily remedied but the fact that this took 3 weeks is absurd haha.
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    DBL Light in dash- dealer unable to fix

    Well, i show up after being told that they couldn’t duplicate the issue, then as soon as i get in the car and flip the headlights on- BOOM. Light’s back on. Nineteen days the car’s been here and all they’ve done is replace the drip rails on the roof for cracking paint.
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    DBL Light in dash- dealer unable to fix

    Although it did start happening this winter when it was cold (this is relative as I’m located in Tennessee where is only got down to the teens-20s at worst), the issue persisted until now (currently in the 60s). This particular department has been exceedingly unhelpful and has not communicated...
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    New wheel set up

    I get the desire to go with 19s, but within a couple of months of buying this car my wife had a run-in with a nasty pothole and bent both the passenger side wheels. I ended up getting a set of 18s to replace them (Enkei Raijins) and haven’t have any further issues with them bending (knock on...
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    DBL Light in dash- dealer unable to fix

    Hey all, Just got called by my friendly neighborhood dealer that they were “unable to duplicate” the issue I’ve had with the DBL (headlight aiming with turns/leveling). I have had the issue for the past several months where it has been not functioning (light on dash comes on at startup, DBL not...
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    SLD 19" Staggered OEM GT Wheels - $540 (REDUCED to $440)

    If Tham81 passes, I'd be very interested. I only really need 2 (1 front and 1 rear) but would be willing to buy the set.