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Still Wondering Why Your New Stinger GT "Smells Like Mold" In Your Cabin???

The Yeti

New Member
United States
What I Drive
2019 Stinger GT AWD
THIS is what happens to a 2019 KIA Stinger GT (with 4000 miles) that was stored in a carpeted, climate-controlled showroom, from March 2020 to July 2020...due to COVID-19 "Shelter At Home" orders.

KIA blamed a single hole through the firewall, that my Performance Shop needed to drill, to wire my JB4 performance module...in the Summer of 2019. So, even though the car was driven for more than 3000 miles after that modification, and stored in the same building (with other vehicles) all winter...they claim that single drill hole was the cause of this horrific Petri dish (some time after 3/21/20).

They claim that this hole allowed enough (mystery) water to pour-in to my WeatherTech floormats to then vaporize, pressurize, and destroy the interior of my car...front-to-back. Even though it was parked inside, always. This car has NEVER seen snow. And, only was driven in rain, twice since buying it with 11 miles on it (in May 2019).

What water, KIA??? The water that did this, came from your faulty AC Compressors, Condensers, or Evaporator Box! Your Climate Control system is discharging remaining moisture from the system INSIDE the cabins of your vehicles, instead of draining excess water/moisture to the ground outside the vehicle. This is happening AFTER the vehicle shut-off and parked for the night.

Many new KIA owners (Daily Drivers) don't notice it, because much of the moisture evaporates the next day when they open & close the doors and roll down windows. But, some of that moisture remains, and grows mold in their headliner and other porous surfaces within cabin. Gradually, the smell gets worse. It sits in their vents and air ducts too. Many KIA owners posted on discussion boards, saying that they are experiencing mold, mildew, or "dirty rag" smells as early as 3-4 months. They report it to the dealer, and the dealer either blames their cabin air filter, or charges them $180 to sanitize their vents. Which, only seems to help, temporarily.
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