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FS ARK GT-F lowering springs and 20mm wheel spacers

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United States
What I Drive
22 G70
For sale ARK GT-F Part No. LF0804-0118 lowering springs and 20mm wheel spacers. These will fit all 18-23 Stingers and G70s. These were on my car but I took them off to have a warranty repair done and have since had to trade in the car. These springs are just the right drop for a flush look without slamming the car or negatively impacting performance or handling. Will not rub on a stock car!

Lowering spring specs:
Front Drop
Estimated: 1.15 Inch Drop AWD / 0.75 Inch RWD
Rear Drop
Estimated: 1 Inch Drop AWD / 0.75 Inch RWD
Front Spring Rate3.1 kg/mm
Rear Spring Rate8.9 kg/mm

Wheel spacers I am not sure of the brand as they came with my car but they do say that they are forged. These bolted up to my G70 (same as Stinger) with no issues. 20mm spacers are the perfect size to flush out the stock wheels and look great with the ARK springs.
Looking to get $175 for the springs and $125 for the spacers or $250 if you buy both. Will ship at buyers expense. I am located in the Philadelphia area if anyone wants to arrange pick up.

NOTE: it is my understanding that SOME wheels will not work with this type of spacer, make sure your wheels will work before we make a deal, I am happy to help.


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