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Recent content by TheRingThing

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    Turn Key Fob off

    Removing the battery will do the job. But I guess that's not what you wanted to read. The only way is: Put the key in a Faraday pouch. Be aware that those are a little bit chunky. The pouch must be sealed hermetically to prevent the key from a relay- (repeater) attack. If you just want to...
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    Mando SDC ECS10 Electronic Suspension Control

    Hi, try to download the App again from Playstore, APKpure or similar shops. There is an English version of the App. The App does not show the current settings at all. There are two default settings and you can program it with your custom settings. Answers: 1. Nope - it's active right away if...
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    Using 0w30 or 0w40 oil?

    That is a wrong assumption and it is a nearly endless discussion in the respective "Oil Threads" in dozens of "Oil Forums" Stick with your 5W30 unless you're in very hot or very cold environments.
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    I never would use spacers. I do anything with a matching rim offset. As the colleagues here said - they create a weak point and more mass.
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    Rattle from front passenger side 23 GT2

    Hi, is everything installed correctly? (Domes, lashes from the sway bars - plastic bearings correctly in place, bars properly aligned, what sway bar adjusment - hard or normal or different on both sides....) Another hint might be that the springs needs to settle (200-300 miles) (Had that on...