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Recent content by slammered

  1. slammered

    Hello from TX

    Welcome fellow Texan
  2. slammered

    Buick just killed the Regal Sportback after 2020

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30120611/buick-regal-dead/ Guess it's a trend these days. Hopefully the Stinger sticks around.
  3. slammered

    First look at the 2021 Kia Optima

    Kia says that the new Optima is around 2 inches longer and 1 inch wider than its predecessor. The wheelbase measures 112.2 inches, and the height drops by 0.8 inch, explaining its more athletic proportions.
  4. slammered

    19 GT1 RWD Panthers Metal in Central Maryland

    Welcome from the great state of Texas
  5. slammered

    Ford “Mach E” rendering

  6. slammered

    Ford “Mach E” rendering

    Probably not even close to what its going to look like seeing that it's a rendering done by some forum owner
  7. slammered

    I messed up...

    Sorry that happened bro. Why not just get anther Stinger?
  8. slammered

    Kia Stinger Burger Motorsports JB4 Discussion Thread

    I was going to post the same thing @Chris71 said. Maybe reach out to Terry or update the firmware.
  9. slammered

    Kia Stinger Burger Motorsports JB4 Discussion Thread

    Does the pop only happens on map 2?
  10. slammered

    What's a good interior cleaner y'all use?

    Any recommendations for a good interior cleaner?
  11. slammered

    New Stinger GT2 Owner

  12. slammered

    2020 Kia Stinger GT vs VW Golf R

  13. slammered

    Leather protector

    Its really good stuff, hope you like it.
  14. slammered

    Anyone heard rumors of no second gen Stingers?

    I wonder how many Stingers was Kia expecting to sell.