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Recent content by SeoulStinger

  1. SeoulStinger

    New guy from Texas

    Congrats and welcome to the group
  2. SeoulStinger

    Hello From Ontario, Canada!

    Welcome aboard
  3. SeoulStinger

    Thunder Grey

    Congrats! Post up some pics
  4. SeoulStinger

    KIA k900 Style Fob

    Canfail you're brilliant for coming up with this idea. Looking forward to what you find out.
  5. SeoulStinger

    How long is the battery on your key FOB lasting?

    More than a year and still on the original battery.
  6. SeoulStinger

    Are foam cannons worth it?

    I used Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009OTW646
  7. SeoulStinger

    Are foam cannons worth it?

    I second the MTM one, been very happy with mine. Here's the one I purchased https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004GNZYY4/
  8. SeoulStinger

    What else is in your garage?

    Post up some pictures.
  9. SeoulStinger

    White gt awd

    Welcome aboard
  10. SeoulStinger

    The Piggyback Chip feedback, reviews, issues, diagnostic and questions thread

    Seems the majority of the members on this site prefer the JB4 because of the features. They all offer similar performance.
  11. SeoulStinger

    Anyone have issues with condensation build up on the headlights?

    I'm kind of surprised how moisture even builds up on there. Thought it would be completely sealed.
  12. SeoulStinger

    What interior cleaning products do you use?

    I (if I use anything) like Pinnacle Leather/Vinyl Cleaner. If it's not dirty I just use a damp microfiber.
  13. SeoulStinger

    Kia COO confirms no plans for sports coupe to compete with the Toyota Supra

    Thats too bad. The 3.3T would make a potent engine for any sports coupe.
  14. SeoulStinger

    The New Toyota Supra get's BMW's 2.0-liter turbo producing 262 horsepower

    I would definitely opt for the six-cylinder Supra.