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Recent content by SaleenTom

  1. SaleenTom

    F-11 Topcoat

    It should you don't have to apply that much
  2. SaleenTom

    F-11 Topcoat

    I've used it before. It does a really job of repelling water, but it doesn't last as long as CarPro Reload.
  3. SaleenTom

    Hello From Ontario, Canada!

    Great start, welcome to the club
  4. SaleenTom

    Texas Stinger Owners

    YOHB? Spotted in Austin.
  5. SaleenTom

    Anyone tried taking their AWD Stinger off-road?

    Anyone tried taking their Stinger on dirt trails?
  6. SaleenTom

    Official StingerFest 2019 Information

    If this is in conjunction with FocusFest/ST Fest then I can guarantee its going to be an awesome event. I've been to two of their previous events and it's very professionally operated.
  7. SaleenTom

    Fellow lurkers... why haven't you bought a Stinger yet?

    It took me 4 months of lurking this forum before I pulled the trigger, so really take your time. One of the biggest hang up for me was to wait and see what options came with the 2019 that wasn't offered on the 2018.
  8. SaleenTom

    Is it safe to store things on the rear cargo tray?

    I was going to throw some 12 packs back there.[wink]
  9. SaleenTom

    2020 Hyundai Sonata

    Interior looks good. Rear reminds me of the Lincoln MKZ
  10. SaleenTom

    Who has used AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil?

    Its produced by Warren Distribution
  11. SaleenTom

    Is it safe to store things on the rear cargo tray?

    Are you referring to this cover? That's a lot of weight
  12. SaleenTom

    Fosgate Power Series System in a 2018-2019 Stinger

    That's insane[:0] and great wheel choice.
  13. SaleenTom

    Official Aurora Black Kia Stinger Pictures Thread

    What products do you use on your paint? Looks so shiny.[biggrin]
  14. SaleenTom

    Let's see your window tint

  15. SaleenTom

    Kia Stinger GPS Navigation SD CARD 96554J5700

    I've tried copying and even cloning it before, it won't work.[hihi]