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Recent content by Rick-F

  1. Rick-F

    Racing oil for Stinger 3.3L

    Total Quartz 9000 Energy 185703 Synthetic Engine Motor Oil
  2. Rick-F

    SiriusXM Traffic Functional Testing?

    Fron the SiriusXM Traffic website: https://www.siriusxm.com/infotainment?intcmp=Global%20Nav_NA_www:Trafficcoverage:siriusxm_TrafficWeatherMore Your vehicle doesn't support any of our Infotainment plans. Your vehicle info: 2022 Kia...
  3. Rick-F

    What's behind the rear GT badge?

    There NO HOLES under the "GT"/"AWD" badges.
  4. Rick-F

    “Stinger” on the back of the car

    . . . and different countries get different badges
  5. Rick-F

    Is it possible to access the UVO Engineering Mode in the Stinger?

  6. Rick-F

    Is it possible to access the UVO Engineering Mode in the Stinger?

    Check this article for entering Engineering Mode and sideloading apps https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/hack-navigation-multimedia-systems-kia-hyundai-and-install-third-party-applications.3892333/ Does anyone know how to enter engineering mode on the 2022 Stinger?
  7. Rick-F

    Doug Demuro: "Please Stop With the Fake Badges"

    My 2022 has no badge in front. It looks very clean. The steering wheel will be difficult-- it's not like previous years.
  8. Rick-F

    Decision Help

    Prior to getting my 2019 GT2 I drove a 2017 M-B E-Class coupe-- before that a BMW 5 Series M-Sport with the $3500 Dynamic Handling Package option. When I test drove the Stinger, It checked all my boxes. With respect to handling/drivability, it was not quite up to the BMW handling performance...
  9. Rick-F

    Ready to Pull the trigger. I hope someone can help.

    If gas mileage is important, and you can achieve "40mpg @ 75mph on 87 octane " with the VW-- get it. If I had to drive that many miles for work, I'd think about electric and the 100 MPG equivalent. I really like the Stinger, but my mileage is not great (or even good)-- but I don't drive a...
  10. Rick-F

    Blow off valve for the 2.0

    Go Fast Bits (GFB) also has them. I used the GFB on my 2017 M-B CLA. https://gfb.com.au/performance-parts-that-fit/998000326/kia-stinger-stinger-2.0t-gdi-2017-on/
  11. Rick-F

    Diecast Models

    https://diecastsociety.com/minikraft-new-kia-stinger/ That's a red 2018 . . . you can contact Minikraft by email here: mailordermk@gmail.com
  12. Rick-F

    Kia E Logo Explained

  13. Rick-F

    Curious about previous rides...

    Before the 2019 Stinger GT2 2017 M-B E400 Coupe 2015 BMW 535iX M-Sport 2014 M-B CLA-250 2013 Hyundai Sonata Ltd.
  14. Rick-F

    Stinger GT AWD rather shaky after 150mph run on expressway.

    What tires are on the car?