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Recent content by Regularguy

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    2018 Stinger GT1 vs 23 Stinger GT2

    GT1 vs GT2 generally tbe GT2 has more features. My 20 GT2 has power auto lift gate, ventilated seats, heads up display, AWD, 360 camera, sunroof, electronic shifter… and more 23 will have the larger infotainment screen.
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    Biggest mod to date. Full interior gut and leather re-upholstery.

    Thought I would share my biggest project to date on the stinger. full interior swap out, re-badged steering wheel, disassembly if the door trim panels components and swapped to other panels, re-upholstery if front seat.. Learned a lot and got the look I wanted.
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    New Stinger guy. Ceramic Silver GT2 and already modding

    Hi all. Local to the KC area. I’ll wave if I see you around. :) I am already doing some changes and enjoying this awesome ride. Never even knew about the Stinger until I saw one on the highway a few months back and her we are. -Injen intakes. (Love that red) -Ripped out the black nappa...