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Recent content by powermatt

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    Hello From New Zealand

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    Jersey Newbie

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    I messed up...

    I wonder if any other mode would have made a difference due to the speed and turn in the road.
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    Steve H. here with a new '18 Stinger GT

    Congrats, sounds like a good deal to me
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    New to the site

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    Meet Snow White

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    How Many Miles Year 1 in your Stinger?

    12k miles for me
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    Anyone heard rumors of no second gen Stingers?

    aww crap that doesn’t look good
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    How many Stingers are you seeing on the road?

    I probably see at least one a day now in the California bay area
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    Nor Cal owners check in

    You probably won't get anything like that here because different areas have different discounts. You can try going through Costco like I did for the lowest price and then haggle from there.