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Recent content by pixeltim

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    No more holes in my car:)

    Way cleaner
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    What are they lower door stickers called, and where would you buy them?

    I spent a few hours yesterday looking online and was not able to find them. Even checked all the ebay sites.
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    Kia Stinger sales numbers are lower this year compared to last year

    April numbers are in and they do not look good.
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    Chicago Stinger owners chit chat thread

    Work told us to just stay home today.[wave]
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    New Exhaust system from Thermal R&D for the Stinger

    RandallK how is yours holding up? I'm thinking about getting the same system.
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    New Exhaust system from Thermal R&D for the Stinger

    Stinger Thermal Research and Development exhaust system Has anyone tried the Kia Stinger Thermal Research and Development exhaust system? https://thermalrd.com/products/2018-kia-stinger-gt-catback-exhaust-system Sounds really good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsovBLHZS0c...
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    Exhaust Thread

    Anyone tried the Thermal Research and Development exhaust? https://thermalrd.com/collections/all/kia-stinger-2018-esr3804193
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    Kia Stinger Dyno Results Thread

    Interesting, I'm going to do this.
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    New member

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    What does everyone do for a living?

    I work in HR
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    Added a little zing to the rear.

    Very tastefully done MekstingerGT[clap]
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    New owner in SoCal

    Definitely, the metallic in the white paint really makes the Stinger look great in person.
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    New owner in SoCal

    Great color combo, congrats!
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    MD, soon to be

    Welcome, best of luck on getting a good deal.
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    New member and owner!