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Recent content by Officer_Peps

  1. Officer_Peps

    2018 Stinger GT1 vs 23 Stinger GT2

    Thanks for the info. You’re correct I went and checked one out. It’s basically stuff I can do without and keep my cheap payment. Lol although I’d like to get the 23 in exchange of my 18. But it’s not important.
  2. Officer_Peps

    Help please! Looking to buy my 2018 Stinger GT1

    Sell you mine for $40,00 only 44,000 mi on it. JB4 tuned, Borla exhaust, air intake, ( maintenance free) oil catch can, cover under the engine top corners so the jb4 doesn’t get wet, upgraded Navi maps and software. Get a loan and a bank check and it’s yours.
  3. Officer_Peps

    2018 Stinger GT1 vs 23 Stinger GT2

    Can anyone tell me the difference of the 18 Stinger gt1 vs the 23 Stinger gt2? Looking to trade mine in. Not sure if I want a higher payment. I’ll trade it if the payment is under what I’m paying now or same. 😉
  4. Officer_Peps

    JB4 installed. Now to remove the governor??

    Drive your car, if you go past 134mph then it’s set at 168mph. There are only two limits they did on the Stinger. That’s because the tires they put on the car only have that type of speed rating.
  5. Officer_Peps

    Questions about Map updates and firmware updates

    Why are they selling this firmware/ map update when you can download it for free? Just did my 2018 stinger gt1. It was free. Do your research people. Don’t be scammed. Lol
  6. Officer_Peps

    Kia Stinger Aftermarket Wheel Options

    I have the white car with the gold like trim. I’d like to get that same gold trim color on some wheels. Have any idea what I’m talking about? Or do you have that color?
  7. Officer_Peps

    New member - 22 GT2

    Nice ride good luck with it. 👍🏻
  8. Officer_Peps

    Racing oil for Stinger 3.3L

    That’s what someone suggested to me. Wanted to see other opinions. Cool thanks for the info.
  9. Officer_Peps

    Racing oil for Stinger 3.3L

    What’s a good racing oil to put in my 2018 3.3l stinger gt1?
  10. Officer_Peps

    Speed Limiter with JB4

    I got the same problem. Pisses me off. Let me know if you find anything out.
  11. Officer_Peps

    Jb4 and vanity covers

    Where did you get the vanity cover. I’d like to get them for mine.
  12. Officer_Peps

    JB4 installed. Now to remove the governor??

    Flash Tune??? How do I do that? Or can’t I? It’s so annoying.
  13. Officer_Peps

    JB4 installed. Now to remove the governor??

    Anyone now how to remove the governor (speed restrictor) on a ‘18 Stinger 3.3L? Just installed the JB4 450 WHP kit and my car tops out at 134 MPH. I know it can go more but it’s restricted. Any takers?