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Recent content by mldavis2

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    Kia Stinger Oil Thread

    I agree with robz32. Some of the extended blends may not show GF-4 or GF-5 ratings. If they don't say so on the container, only use those that make at least GF-4 and preferable GF-5. Only those oils can stand up under the tremendous heat the turbocharger bearings must function in. I...
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    Subwoofers not working?

    As mentioned elsewhere, it all depends on the signal source. If you are playing old tracks (example 50's and 60's on SiriusXM) there is virtually no bass going into the woofers. Switch to current pop and it will shake your seat.
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    Lease Buyout - How to get the best deal on a Kia Stinger!

    In many states you can sign a balloon-finance agreement. The interest rate is higher but if you're going to pay it off immediately you don't pay any interest. Same incentive rebate amount.
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    2018 Kia Stinger vs 2018 BMW 430i

    Strange comparison. Note that the BMW Nazi did not drive the Stinger (whose drivetrain was engineered by Biermann from BMW M-division), he only rode in the passenger seat. Yet he likes the way the BMW drives better? I would give him that, IF he had driven the Stinger and then decided...
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    Cracked bumper on new car.

    So far on my GT2, the parking sensors have always warned me of the distance to the parking curb. One of the big problems with any of these newer cars (all makes) that have embedded sensors in the front and rear "bumpers" is that they are vulnerable to impact from idiots in parallel parking...
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    GT2 shift-by-wire problem?

    Sounds like just a simple solenoid adjustment or replacement. Should get your car back quickly. Biggest issue with Stinger repairs is parts availability.
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    Shifting into Manual Mode

    I recall hearing that the ECU/TCU "learns" your driving habits and accommodates them. I'll look for that. In the meantime, also be aware that if you hold either of the paddles for more than one second, it will revert back to automatic, so make sure you aren't "riding" the paddle.
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    Shifting into Manual Mode

    I think the computer is monitoring engine RPM and gear selection. If your RPM goes over or under some programmed value, the transmission will shift to bring it back into the "wheelhouse." We have also been advised that the car "learns" your driving habits and choices and will adjust somewhat...
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    Love my Stinger GT2 but have concerns about the car when on twisty back mountin roads

    No squeaks or rattles in mine at 7000 miles. If the suspension is good enough for Fittipaldi, it's good enough for hauling my ass on vacation and back.
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    Kia Stinger Dying

    Yes, there is a long list of parameters that must be met for the auto-stop to work. I would disable the remote start and see what happens.
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    Transmission louder in manual mode?

    Haven't noticed, but perhaps the computer is thinking in Sport mode and enhancing the exhaust sound? My wife has my Stinger out of town. I'll check it when it comes home.
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    New car with problems

    It would be nice if those with problems would also include the build dates of their cars. Mine is HiChroma Red GT2 built in Nov. 2017 and no problems.
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    Lower top speed with all season tires???

    I think this problem was from early buyers because it was obvious in everything I read in my research in January before buying my car in late January (delivered March 1.) I'm not defending Kia on this because it appears that it was known but not well-known on the very early literature and the...
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    GT2 shift-by-wire problem?

    Sounds like a bad solenoid or connection.
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    Lower top speed with all season tires???

    This is a typical example of what happens at many car dealers. Salesmen are volume and profit driven. They are generally nervous, ADD type people (not all, fortunately) who would rather sit at the desk and flip pencils waiting for the next "up" rather than digging into their literature and...