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Recent content by Mitternacht

  1. Mitternacht

    Those with paint issues: Would you be okay with Kia repainting your entire car?

    I got a voicemail from Kia. They called me about the paint issue, so that's a good sign
  2. Mitternacht

    2018 Kia Stinger GT: Regular Car Reviews

    What's funny is there's been a few reviews out there where the reviewers wanted to hate the car, but couldn't.
  3. Mitternacht

    Kia Australia admits to Yellow Paint defect

    I hope Kia of America plans to do the same. I stopped by the dealership and all they know is that they're not allowed to sell the yellow Stinger they have.
  4. Mitternacht

    Official KIA Stinger Time Slip Thread

    Bone stock Stinger GT AWD, right lane
  5. Mitternacht

    Intro thread

    Hello. I bought my stinger 2 months ago and I'm enjoying it. I used to have a 2013 mustang that I used for autocross and drag racing; best time was 11.07 @ 125. I'm probably taking this car to the track tonight just to see what it will do bone stock. I may be picking up a JB4 for it in the near...