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Recent content by IronGumby

  1. IronGumby

    FS GT-Line 225-45/18 Bridgestones [New]

    I'm going to pass on these. Up for grabs again!
  2. IronGumby

    New rubber for the Stinger!

    Nice! Do you still stand by these findings after a couple more seasons? I am rethinking getting another set of OEM Potenzas for cheap
  3. IronGumby

    FS GT-Line 225-45/18 Bridgestones [New]

    True true. I am surprised to hear that the Goodyears are louder and harder, but they are in a different class. I will tell you though that once the OEM's get down to 6/32nds or so, they are noisy. They kind of hum. But yeah I've always wondered about getting a performance all-season to replace...
  4. IronGumby

    FS GT-Line 225-45/18 Bridgestones [New]

    Just wanted to comment while I saw this and so I didn't forget this. I'm not sure I want to go with the OEM tires again but I am actually in the greater Cleveland area and due for tires this winter! However, these tires suck in the winter toward the end of their life, so much so I am thinking...
  5. IronGumby

    FS JB4 for Sale

    Never mind. BMS says I'd need not only an adapter but a different control module, so basically a different JB4, so no-go on any simple wire splicing
  6. IronGumby

    “Stinger” on the back of the car

    Also, the base Stingers (like mine) never got the center Stinger badge and have Kia logo instead
  7. IronGumby

    FS JB4 for Sale

    Wow I'd be game if I had a 2.5! Actually, I wonder if I could just buy the 2.0T clip from BMS and splice it... Hmm...! Edit: This comes with the fuel wires, correct? Not the additional adapter harness, but the vampire lead(s), right?