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Recent content by GTexas

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    New Stinger Owner

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    New Hampshire stinger

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    Stinger GT1 in Baltimore

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    Greetings from Augusta Ga

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    New Stinger Owner

    Welcome aboard
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    2019 GT2 - New Stinger Owner

    Welcome and congrats!
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    Exhaust Thread

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    Very nice
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    New guy from Texas

    Welcome from another Texan.
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    Texas Stinger Owners

    Saw it last weekend with my son and was blown away. This is a must see in 3D
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    Anyone getting a musty smell in the Stinger?

    I think it might be coming from the vents, anyone getting a musty smell in their Stinger?
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    My Kia Stinger Experience Review #stingerexperience

    Today I had a chance to attend the Kia Stinger Experience in Houston. Overall the event was really fun and the course was setup really well so you can fully test the Stinger's potential. The experience lasted for about 1.5 hours and includes a quick orientation, Q&A time with a product...
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    Rock Auto Discount - 5 percent until: May 27, 2018

    I have a free Rock Auto 5% discount if anyone wants to use it. 8021917372044209
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    Concealed carry in the Stinger?

    Hello I was just wondering if anyone had great ideas of concealment places in their Stinger?