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  1. Donsgt1

    19s or 20s??

    I just did this. Still need to lower. GT-F and swaybars 20x10.5 Variant Krypton with 285/30/20 Nitto 552's in back 20x9. 245/35/20 front
  2. IMG_7838 2.jpeg

    IMG_7838 2.jpeg

  3. IMG_7860.jpeg


    2021 GT1 with a few things done
  4. DonsGT1

    Comment by 'Donsgt1' in item 'DonsGT1'

    Next up is the lowering springs. I can do it all myself. I just don't know if I feel like doing a lot of under the car work. We will soon see . I would love to find someone in the area that could lend a hand
  5. DonsGT1

    Comment by 'Donsgt1' in item 'DonsGT1'

    The wheels and tires are finally on. It all came together nicely. I also have the GT4 installed with the fuel harnesses. I run it on 91 octane to the Map one was my go-to. I do have access to 100 octane, so if I want to have a little fun, I get five gallons and get the octane bumped to 93+...
  6. DonsGT1

    Comment by 'Donsgt1' in item 'DonsGT1'

    I did install the snorkels, Magnaflow exhaust. I debated on which exhaust, but at the end of the day, I wanted a deeper sound, but not lots of loud. The Magnaflow seems to be perfect for my taste. After that is was time I finally got in for an appt to have my car ceramic coated, then a...
  7. DonsGT1

    Comment by 'Donsgt1' in item 'DonsGT1'

    I'm sorry I just saw this. I have been busy with business. I have left to install the catch can, lowering springs and swaybars. Have you done the lowering spring install?
  8. Donsgt1


    At this point I only have the two pics of when I picked her up. I have new wheels/tires going on next week and I have been busy with work. Thanks for the invite to Cars and Coffee. I will see if I can break away for that Saturday
  9. Donsgt1


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  10. DonsGT1


    Off the showroom floor, I decided to do a few things. Ordered the air-intake funnels from KDM Warehouse Ordered ARK GT-F Lowering springs, Whiteline links and ARK Performance sway bars Front and back Burger racing BT4 450hp kit with the controller blutooth module, catch can, BMS cai's and...
  11. Donsgt1

    New to Kia., Bought a 2021 GT1, however, not new to modding

    I picked up a Stinger GT1 last Saturday and have been busy researching what mods I want to do. Stopped by Burger tuning website and ordered the JB4 kit with the intakes, a catch can, plugs, and the connect Next up, I picked up ARK performance swaybar kit and Whiteline link, and GT-F springs...